I've been writing fiction since approximately the age of eight, when my mother asked me where all those candy wrappers hidden in my lampstand came from. Professionally, the first fiction that I sold came in the Dark Tyrants anthology for White Wolf, a continuation of the introductory fiction I'd written for the original Vampire: The Dark Ages core rulebook. Since that time, I've written four novels for White Wolf. I've also done a scattering of short fiction for them and others, and even written some material that's not tied to a role-playing game property. These days, I'm concentrating on my own material, which means I can finally stop procrastinating on that horror novel I first thought of when I was a graduate student back in Boston. On this page you'll find links to fiction I've published, with a few words about the choicer bits, as well as bits and pieces of things I'm working on.

Published and Upcoming Fiction:

Vaporware published by JournalStone
Snowbird Gothic published by NECON EBooks
Firefly Rain published by Gallery Books
"The Unicorn At The Soiree" in The Lion and the Aardvark
"The Thirty-Ninth Labor of Reb Palache" in The New Hero, Vol. 1
"Long Overdue" in Maelstrom
"Reb Palache and the Dybbuk" in StoneSkin Digest
"Roadkill" in When Will You Rage II
"HOA/DOA" in Hunters Hunted II
"Coin Drop" in Dark Faith: Invocations
"The Mad Eyes of the Heron King" in Dark Faith
"There Is No Bird" at Tainted Tea
"And the Rain Fell Through Her Fingers" at StorySOUTH
"Losing Altitude"in Stranded
"Don't Be Your Father" in Don't Read This Book
"Small Cold Things" in Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers
"The Widsom of Nightingales" (reprint) in Worlds of Their Own
"Connecting Door" at Pseudopod
"Killer App" in Man Vs. Machine
"Missing Pages" in Astounding Hero Tales
"Jeremy's Castle" in Flush Fiction
Suburban Sprawl" at Amazon.com
"Fat Man on an Airplane"
in Sinisteria: Horror for the Hellbound

"The Road Best Not Taken" at Amazon.com
Shadows in Green
from Yard Dog Press
"Good Advice" at Pseudopod
"Le Bubba Grande" in International House of Bubbas and Best of Bubbas of the Apocalypse
"Bearer of Ill News" in Dark Tyrants
"A Friendly Neighborhood Place to Drink" in Clan Novel: Anthology
"Let the River of Death Wash Over Me" in A Fistful O' Dead Guys
"Long Evening Out" and "The Wisdom of Nightingales" at Stillwaters Journal
"Come Quietly" in Quietus
"Professor Fetherington's Lament" in Amazing Heroes II
"Zap 'Em Good", "Tastes Like Brains" and "She Has Come To The Woods" in Small Bites
Clan Novel: Lasombra

The Trilogy of the Second Age:
Chosen of the Sun
Beloved of the Dead
Children of the Dragon

The material from Clan Novel: Lasombra and Clan Novel: Anthology has been collected and reprinted in The Eye of Gehenna, End Games, and Bloody September.

"Missing Pages"
My homage to "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", this appeared in the Origins Award winning anthology Astounding Hero Tales. At the very first writing workshop I ever attended (I was in high school at the time), George Scithers told me that everyone had one good Lovecraft pastiche in them. He was very emphatic about the number. I figure I should quit while I'm ahead.

"Connecting Door"
This one was derived from a sleepless night in a hotel on Ocean Boulevard. I was out in LA for a voice shoot for the game Blazing Angels 2, and there was indeed a raucous, profane party going on next door that the front desk swore wasn't happening. Hotels are inherently strange places, as far as I'm concerned - impersonal attempts at being "homey" that really just reinforce the anonymity and isolation of being on the road. No wonder so many people think that various hotels are haunted; if nothing else, they're haunted by the things you bring with you. And oddly enough, I've had "Connecting Door"-like experiences at every hotel I've been to since the story appeared online...

"Killer App"
I work in video games, so it makes sense to use that knowledge to produce a story or two on occasion. This one was for an anthology called Man Vs. Machine - human against machine conflict, from Daw, and considering all the wrestling we do with the games in development, it wasn't a big jump to make that conflict a little more...personal. On the other hand, there have been way too many "machine becomes aware and takes over the military" stories over the years - Terminator, anyone? - so the idea was to give it a bit of an original twist while still striving to keep it authentic. The fact that it's also a bit of a shaggy dog story for anyone who knows what the letters "TRC" or "TCR" mean in context is just a bonus.

"Good Advice"
Blame Mort Castle, blame Gary Braunbeck. This story came out of Mort's writing workshop at WHC in Chicago, at which Gary was Guest Writer. The first words he said to me were "You got beaten up a lot as a kid, didn't you?" and from there the story was off and running. There's an essay on the genesis of the piece over at Storytellers Unplugged; the link is here.

"The Road Best Not Taken"
This one was originally written for an anthology called Crypto-Critters, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. I've had a long-standing interest in cryptozoology from a more-or-less-scientific angle - there are some interesting stories out there, at least - so this ended up being a fun one to write. And along the way, I did a little bit of research and discovered all sorts of interesting things about Sasquatch sightings. For one thing, how many there had been in North Carolina. For another, how many people I knew claimed to have seen, well, something. With luck, the story manages to convey a little of what they experienced - but just a little.