Hi there. I'm Richard E. Dansky, horror writer, game designer and writer, and general cad. By day I work for Ubisoft as the Central Clancy Writer, helping to create games like Splinter Cell: Blacklist. By night, I write the spooky stuff, as well as book reviews, random sports blogs, and whatever else I feel like. Welcome to my website, which is intended to provide updates on my published work, my current projects, and other events that may be of interest (or morbid fascination) to the world at large - at least until I go through with that long-threatened site upgrade. Enjoy!

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May 28, 2013: Extra Credits

A very long time ago, I did a book for the RPG Wraith: The Oblivion called Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah. It was my attempt to take the medium I worked in, one that supposedly was able to handle mature material but yet was perceived as being something less than that, and tackle something that was adult and meaningful. I like to think all of us working on that book - the writers, artists, layout team, editors, and others - succeeded.
That was 1997. Extra Credits just did an episode on Charnel Houses of Europe. You can find it here.
To say more is, perhaps, to say too much.

June 4, 2013: Me, Talking About Things

As part of the launch hoopla for VAPORWARE, I did a bunch of guest posts and interviews at various sites. These include:

Chuck Wendig's TerribleMinds, which on any given day is required reading for any working writer

Suzanne Johnson's Preternatura, where I talk about being a multi-classed writer

Gnome Stew, where I talk a bit about what GMs can learn from gamedev

An interview by the fine folks over at The Qwillery

An extended interview by the Gentleman Gamer

Civilian Reader let me talk about the differences between game writing and fiction writing

And there are a few more coming...

As for VAPORWARE itself, you can find it at the JournalStone site, where getting the paperback gets you the ebook free as well.

Happy reading!

May 16, 2013: Vaporware

We are roughly one week from the release of my sixth novel, Vaporware. You can purchase it directly from the fine folks at JournalStone, or through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.
What is Vaporware? It's the story of what happens when a video game doesn't want to get canceled. Ryan Colter and his team at Horseshoe Games have poured their hearts and souls into a game called Blue Lightning. But when the powers that be shut Blue Lightning down, it won't go quietly. Blue Lightning wants something, something only Ryan can give it, and it's not afraid to take what it needs - no matter who might get hurt.

Praise for Vaporware:
Vaporware is life in the world of games, raw and real from a writer who did his time in the trenches - with a supernatural twist that'll make you think twice about late night log-ons and who is really lurking behind the avatar on your screen...
-- New York Times bestselling author James Swallow

A meticulous image of the real games industry so detailed that you'll just assume the supernatural must be part of it. So immersive it makes you want to go check on that video game your spouse is spending so much time with...

Imagine you’re sitting at a bar, surrounded by videogame industry veterans. They’re telling war stories about their past projects, the kind of stories you’d never see repeated in interviews or online magazines, the kind that are insider legends. Everyone’s laughing out of shock or horror at some of the stuff we go through to release a game before Richard Dansky launches into his tale. That’s when everyone shuts up, because Rich is telling a story, and when Rich starts talking, you know it’s going to be a hell of a ride….
-- Lucien Soulban, writer, Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Richard Dansky uses his background in video games to breathe realism into his characters, concepts, and environments. The result is a 21st Century techno horror story that manages the near-impossible: to be both geektastic and incredibly cool.
-- Rio Youers, author of WESTLAKE SOUL

Richard Dansky writes about passionate, complex, flawed, and completely believable people in this absorbing novel about the toll of caring so deeply about your art. Very highly recommended!
-- Jeff Strand, author of DWELLER

Nobody knows the messy collision of writing and game development better than Richard Dansky. And for anyone who's ever poured heart and soul into a creative project only to watch it die, Vaporware is hauntingly, and almost uncomfortably, familiar.
-- Jay Posey, Writer, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier