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Rant #1: Because Every Author Is Expected to Rant On Their Website

Welcome to my web page, folks. After years of fits and starts and "I'm gonna do it, really", here it is. Thanks go to the multitalented Deena Warner for putting it together, and to my fiancee Melinda Thielbar, who kindly agreed to stop slugging me with a sock full of quarters once I agreed to contact Deena to do the site.

The site will be a place where I can provide updates on books and games I'm working on, link to cool stuff, and rant occasionally when the mood takes me (and I don't scribble said rant down for livejournal or Grumble! or...nevermind). Hopefully, there will be frequent updates, as such implies lots of activity. The day job certainly is keeping me busy (mainly with titles I'm not allowed to talk about), and with luck, the writing will be just as frantic.

It is a fact of life that a web site is standard equipment for an aspiring author these days. You need to take every chance possible to distinguish yourself and get people to look at what you've done. In other words, you need to self-promote, something I've always been flat-out awful at. However, you can't just write and hope someone will stumble across it and print millions. Between webzines, small presses, magazines and everything else, there are more places than ever to get your writing seen. By the same token, that means there's that much less of a chance that someone's just going to stumble across your work - the math is against you. So you need to let people know where to look and what to look for, and that's what having a web site is all about. And so, I humbly offer you mine.

At the very first writers' conference I ever attended, George Scithers told me one of the most valuable pieces of writing advice I've ever gotten. It consisted of three sentences.
1-Have something to say.
2-Say it.
3-Say it to somebody.
Well, I'm saying it to you. Hopefully you'll find the site (and the works it shamelessly promotes) to be interesting and worth your time. Thanks for stopping by.

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