Snowbird Gothic

The first short fiction collection from acclaimed novelist and video game writer Richard Dansky, Snowbird Gothic goes deep into the haunted forest of his imagination. From kudzu that smothers more than just trees to the secrets at the heart of a cloud of volcanic ash, from the beasts prowling the swamps of North Carolina to the battle cry of a thousand fallen leaves, Snowbird Gothic showcases the nightmares that can’t always be conjured on a monitor screen.

Stories included in this collection:
The Mad Eyes of the Heron King
And the Rain Fell Through Her Fingers
Connecting Door
Unhaunted House
Small Cold Things
The Road Best Not Taken
For the Autumn Queen, Where She Rests Among the Fallen
Come Quietly and No One Gets Hurt
Losing Altitude
Minus One
The Deep End of the Shallow Water
Suburban Sprawl
Fat Man on an Airplane
Let the House Sing Me to Sleep
Good Advice
Missing Pages
There is No Bird
Shadows in Green
Jeremy’s Castle


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