Cosmic Horror Monthly #23

Like your horror cosmic? Want to check out my story “In the City of the Idol”, which is me doing my best Clark Ashton Smith impression? Then check out the May issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly, available now at their website. And look, they even put my name on the cover!

Counting Bodies Like Sheep Now Available

The extreme horror anthology Counting Bodies Like Sheep from Evil Cookie is now available in hardcopy and eBook formats! Featuring a veritable who’s-who of extreme horror, it also contains my short story “The Taste of It Fresh”, which is by far the grossest thing I’ve ever written. I’m pleased and proud to be a part of this one, and you can order it here.


Counting Bodies Like Sheep

Pleased as punch at the cover reveal for the upcoming Evil Cookie anthology COUNTING BODIES LIKE SHEEP. It will include my story “The Taste of It Fresh”, which has more fluids in it than any other story I’ve ever written.