Transgressive Science Fiction Kickstarter

Some of you may recall that I had an essay in Ghost Show Press’ book on horror cinema. Well, the fine folks there are at it again, this time dealing with science fiction, and they’ve roped me into providing an essay on that most mind bending of 70s mindbenders, ZARDOZ. The Kickstarter for the project is live, so chip in and get ready to have your minds blown by a murderer’s row of contributors.

Transgressive Horror

I’ve got an essay in the forthcoming book Transgressive Horror: Reflections on Scare Films That Broke the Rules. It’ll be out on Halloween if all goes well. My essay is on one of my personal favorite films, Night of the Demon, and it dives into some of the reasons I love it so.

Editor and Ghost Show Press maven Prof. Christopher McGlothlin, had this to say:

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